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Art Factory in Porvoo!

The Little Chocolate Factory in Porvoo moves to new premises in Porvoo Art Factory in February! The new premises are located in the old part of the factory building at Läntinen Aleksanterinkatu 1. We, here at The Little Chocolate Factory are more than happy over our new premises! Now we can arrange events which could not have worked in the old premises. Several new events are ones that our customers have asked us for years, but we have not been able to execute, because of the lack of space.
What´s happening in our new facilities:
Have you ever tasted handmade truffles and pralines from The Little Chocolate Factory? Mmmm, delicious? Do you want to learn how to make them yourself? Soon it will be possible! Peter Westerlund opens his secret recipes and teach everyone who wants to produce their own delicious chocolate truffles! Chocolate Courses will start after removal, hopefully as early as in March!
Do you want to see how chocolate is made from cocoa beans? Factory Tours will also begin as soon as the production has been transferred to new premises!
On the way also e.g chocolate tastings and chocolate birthday parties! Follow us on Facebook and on our website and you`ll know what´s going to happen in our factory!

Peppe with his cocoa beans!