Europe´s third best chocolate!

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 Europe’s third best chocolate manufactures at The Little Chocolate Factory Porvoo! The bronze medal sank in the International Chocolate Awards competition, Award-winning chocolate: Madagascar 40%. The Little Chocolate Factory Porvoo was founded in 2005, but it was only a few years ago, … Continued

Cocoa Price

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Cocoa price changes from year to year. The price of cocoa is known to be unstable. Changes in the price of cocoa beans are also the result of political conditions, as cocoa production is concentrated in politically unstable regions. But what … Continued

Come to chocolate factory!

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Knowledge is for sharing! – Come to chocolate factory and learn about chocolate! Removal of Chocolate Factory is almost complete! Our new facilities are ready to receive the visitors, tasters, learners and party people! Our old facilities were not made … Continued

Thank you all!

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Thank you all! I’m pretty humble and grateful man after all these 12 years. When I in 2005 started to manufacture chocolates and chocolate products in the old town of Porvoo, I could not in my wildest thoughts imagine where … Continued

Vegan Brownie Cake

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Vegan Brownie Cake In our late chocolate café one of the most popular cakes was this wonderfully juicy and luscious vegan browniecake! This cake is easy and quick to prepare, and usually everyone loves it, vegan or not. You can … Continued

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Art Factory in Porvoo! The Little Chocolate Factory in Porvoo moves to new premises in Porvoo Art Factory in February! The new premises are located in the old part of the factory building at Läntinen Aleksanterinkatu 1. We, here at … Continued

Our retailer in Porvoo!

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Our retailer in Porvoo! Our retailer in Porvoo is Skafferi, a gourmet shop on Jokikatu, Old Porvoo. Skafferi is an outstanding place for our handmade chocolate! Chocolate, we have been making and selling on Kirkkotori for twelve years now. Skafferi … Continued

Seasons greetings to you all!

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Seasons greetings to you all! We want to thank all our customers for best xmas time ever! We have been working non stop for several weeks now. It is time to slow it down and close the door. For good? Who knows. … Continued