Come to chocolate factory!

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Knowledge is for sharing! – Come to chocolate factory and learn about chocolate!

Removal of Chocolate Factory is almost complete! Our new facilities are ready to receive the visitors, tasters, learners and party people!
Our old facilities were not made for events. Now in the new premises you can experience the production of chocolate, as well as learn how to make delicious chocolate truffles yourself.


During the factory visit you can take a look to our production room to learn how chocolate is produced in a small scale. At the end of the round you get to taste chocolate we have made.
Chocolate tasting takes you deep into the world of chocolate. We taste chocolates and confections made from different cocoa beans. In addition to that, you get information about chocolate and manufacturing of chocolate. We will, of course also take a look to our production room, where chocolate is made.
Knowledge is for sharing, says Peter, and teach all who wants to make their own chocolate truffles. With years of experience, he reveals the best tips, and shares his own recipes to try. Participants will also visit the production room during the chocolate course to find out how we make chocolate from cocoa beans. Lots of chocolate information included!
Chocolate party is a success, we guess! Sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to organize the party. Why do not you try chocolate factory! Most important thing at the chocolate party is, of course, the chocolate fountain. You can dip all sorts of goodies in it. Participants will also mold their own chocolate bar in our production room. Chocolate bar can you, of course, take with you home!


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