Europe´s third best chocolate!

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 Europe’s third best chocolate manufactures at The Little Chocolate Factory Porvoo!

The bronze medal sank in the International Chocolate Awards competition, Award-winning chocolate: Madagascar 40%.
The Little Chocolate Factory Porvoo was founded in 2005, but it was only a few years ago, we decided to concentrate on making chocolate from cocoa beans. We moved in to the new premises at the Porvoo Art Factory during winter-spring 2017 and it was in March-April the production really started. That’s why the prize feels particularly good! In other parts of Europe, making bean to bar chocolate is a way ahead of Finland, and it’s more than great when a small Finnish handicraft shop get its product into the top three.
The reviews included also our dark chocolate, which this time, despite good comments, did not reach the top three. This is a good thing to continue, and hunger grows when eating. At least hungry for chocolate!

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madagascar 40% maitosuklaalevy

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