käsintehtyä suklaata, bean to bar

Even if we have been makin handcrafted chocolate for 12 years now, we still can´t say we do it perfectly. That is why making chocolate is so much fun, because of the challenge. Every new bean to bar chocolate we make is a big surprise, even for us.
Knowing where our raw material is coming from means a lot to us. Most of our cocoa beans are imported from South America. Our beans grow on small farms where care is taken to ensure that the cocoa is of very pure quality and the personnel is looked after.

Cocoa beans of the Criollo variety are rare. It has lower yields than Forastero, and also tend to be less resistant to several diseases that attack the cocoa plant.
Forestero is the most widely used, comprising 95% of the world production of cocoa.
Trinitarian is a hybrid between Criollo and Forastero varieties. It has high yields and is more resistant to disease than Criollo.

After cacao beans arrive to our factory, we have a long way ahed us before we are able to taste chocolate.
You need a sharp eye when sorting cacaobeans. After sorting, we roast up our beans, ca. 150° 15-30 min. After roasting comes winnowing, a process where we remove the shell from the meat of the beans, the nibs. We grind nibs together with sugar in a melange, a machine with stone rollers, for several days. After grinding, we storage the chocolate until we are ready to turn it into bars. Tempering chocolate is an important stage when making chocolate. After tempering we put the chocolate into molds, cool them, unmold them, and wrap them in by hand. After packaging chocolate is ready to be shipped to the customers.