Our retailer in Porvoo!

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Our retailer in Porvoo!

Our retailer in Porvoo is Skafferi, a gourmet shop on Jokikatu, Old Porvoo. Skafferi is an outstanding place for our handmade chocolate! Chocolate, we have been making and selling on Kirkkotori for twelve years now. Skafferi is a real gourmet shop where you find an assortment of tees and coffees, spices, sweets and all kinds of delicacies. And as told, now also our chocolate!

The Little Chocolate Factory stands in front of changes and will move to new facilities in February 2017. The factory will not operate on Kirkkotori locations anymore, we have already closed our little shop. Our online store is now open and we are working with finding the best retailers for our products. If you have a gourmet shop where you think our products would fit, pls do not hesitate to contact us!

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