suklaatehdas, peppe ja mette

The Little Chocolate Factory in Porvoo was born in 2005 when chef Peter Westerlund focused on his passion, chocolate. He wanted to offer his customers chocolate made from pure and the best ingredients, without additives or preservatives. With this recipe The Little Chocolate Factory was operated successfully for 12 years in the Old Porvoo, and was a popular place to visit.

In 2017, new winds blew and The Little Chocolate Factory moved to the Porvoo Art Factory. The new premises are more suitable for production, especially now, when the production focuses on the manufacture of chocolate from cocoa beans. The most important criteria for products are still in ecology, ethics and purity. Business transparency is important to us, it is possible to visit our factory and take a look at how chocolate is produced in a small scale. There is also possibility to arrange other events such as. Chocolate tastings and sector-related courses.

The Little Chocolate Factory´s bean to bar chocolate Madagascar 40% was ranked Europe's third best milk chocolate at the International Chocolate Competition in 2017. Great performance from a tiny chocolate factory! Porvoo got its own award-winning chocolate maker.

Our products are available in Porvoo in Skafferi by Jokikatu. Our online store is always open!