Thank you all!

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Thank you all!

I’m pretty humble and grateful man after all these 12 years. When I in 2005 started to manufacture chocolates and chocolate products in the old town of Porvoo, I could not in my wildest thoughts imagine where it would lead to. Popularity of The Little Chocolate Factory has been amazing from the beginning, and the biggest thanks for that belongs to you my dear clients. Without you, The Little Chocolate Factory would not be anything.

From the beginning my intention was to make chocolate from cocoa beans. The little store however, took a lot of time, and the chocolate-making was left aside. Every now and then I stole some time for chocolate making, and over the years I have done many kind of experiments. Some more and others less successful. When The Little Chocolate Factory celebrated its tenth anniversary, I decided that it is now or never. I threw myself more and more for chocolate manufacturing, and it carried away. I gave it my little finger and it took the whole man!

It was not an easy decision to give up the shop, where I have spent many rewarding moments with the customers and discussed about chocolate, and about life. But sometimes you just need to jump aboard, although you do not know the destination. That´s the beauty of life. Courage, happiness and that wonderful feeling of something to happen.

Thank you for all these years and all the support that I have now when I am standing in front of something new. Although the little shop is closed, there is plenty of happenings in our factory on Art Factory Porvoo! Follow us on Facebook and on our website to know what´s happening, and when!



See you at the factory!

peppePeppe in 2005!