This is how our chocolate is made!

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Do you know how chocolate is really made?

Manufacturing chocolate from cocoa beans is a long process. We start the process when the cocoa beans arrive directly from the farmer to the factory. Sorting of cocoa beans is precise work, because in the sack we can find things that do not belong there, rocks f ex. We do sorting by hand. Fast fingers and sharp eyes are therefore necessary! After sorting the cocoa beans we roast them. Roasting is quite a precise work as well, when we search for the perfect roast. At this point, it smells heavenly at the factory! After roasting, the cocoa beans are broken down and separated from the shell. We get cocoa nibs, which is quite popular snacks. Many visit our factory and buy it directly from us. Then it´s time to start making chocolate! It takes about five days to make dark chocolate in a stone mill. As a result we get the most delicious, velvety chocolate that melts in your mouth. We store our chocolate even months before it is ready for tempering and packaging. During storage, flavors are deepening further and all aromas are released. This is how our chocolate is made.

Visit the Chocolate Factory

So, to make chocolate from cocoa beans differs significantly from shaping chocolate products out of a ready chocolate mass. That kind of “making chocolate” method is used by many manufactures. By participating in the Factory Tour/Visit at our factory, you can see how chocolate is really made, all the way from cocoa beans. Many of our visitors have been surprised by what they saw. Drop in Factory Tour/Visit will continue for the April to May on Thursdays at 18-19. Advance registration is not required. You can also book your own private visit. Minimum number of participants then is 6 people.

The Factory Tour/Visit will take 45min-1h, 20 euros / person.  Some tastings incl.