Silver for our Kuusi45% chocolate!

This strange year 2020 brings along something good also. Our lovely Kuusi 45% with real spruce needles got a silver medal in International Chocolate Awards Competition 2020 

Kuusi 45% big brother was left without a prize this time:)


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Medals for The Little Chocolate Factory, again!

This year we competed for the best chocolate in the world:
This year’s Academy of Chocolate competition featured 1,500 chocolate bars from 46 countries, and The Little Chocolate Factory won 3 bronzes and one honorable mention!
🥉Madagascar 40%
🥉Licorice 65%
🥉Brazil 70%
🙌Smokey Brazil 45%

In turn, the International Chocolate Awards 2019 awarded The Little Chocolate Factory one silver and one bronze medal:
🥈Madagascar 40%
🥉Licorice 65%

Humble we thank you all who celebrated with us!


More international recognition for Little Chocolate Factory Porvoo!

The Little Chocolate Factory Porvoo, founded in 2005, moved to Artfactory in 2017 will again receive awards for handmade chocolates in the International Chocolate Competition 2018. The International Chocolate Awards has been awarded the best chocolates on the continents since 2012. This year, nearly 500 chocolate plates took part in the European competition. From The Little Chocolate Factory Porvoo, there were four bean-to-bar chocolates, of which three were awarded.

Awarded Chocolates:

Licorice 65% -silver

Smokey Brazil 45% -bronze

Madagascar 40% -bronze

Of these chocolates Madagascar 40% was rewarded for a second time in a row. The third place also came in 2017. We feel humbled and honored.

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The Little Chocolate Factory Porvoo makes Europe’s third best chocolate!

The bronze medal came from the International Chocolate Awards competition, which has since 2012 been awarding the best chocolates in the world . Award-winning chocolate: Madagascar 40%.

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