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  • Lakritsi rocky road

    Rocky Road Licorice


    Rocky Road, a delicacy we all know. We made a bit harder Rocky road chocolate and added vegan oat licorice to a chocolate delicacy flavoured with roasted macadamia nuts and roasted cocoa beans.

  • Lakusuklaalantti

    Licorice and chocolate coin


    Dark chocolate with vegan and gluten-free oat licorice heart. Garnished with salt granules. Simple, beautiful, and delicious

  • Vaahtokarkki rocky road

    Rocky Road


    Rocky road, a delicacy we all know. We’ve brought extra twist to traditional rocky road chocolate with roasted macadamia nuts and roasted cocoa beans.

  • Tumma suklaa rouhe

    Chopped chocolate


    Chopped chocolate 55% Chopped chocolate 55% is perfect for hot, or cold chocolate drink, as well as for baking. Dark, full with flavor and dairy free. Ingredients: Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, soya lecithin

  • Kaakaojauhe

    Cocoa powder


    Cocoa powder Dark cocoa powder with full and bold flavor. No sugar or milk powder. 100% cocoa powder.