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Handmade chocolate from the Little Chocolate Factory in Porvoo is a perfect gift, or you can give it to yourself! Free shipping for order over 50€. Do not forget to choose free shipping before your payment!

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  • chocolate bar

    Fiji 80%


    Fiji 80% was awarded a gold medal 2022 in the international Academy of Chocolate competition. It is a great honor for a small workshop, and for this bean to bar chocolate of ours with a wonderful red wine-like aroma.

  • a box of chocolate winter

    Box of chocolate Winter


    A box with handmade, warming winter flavours is a great gift.
    Vegan and glutenfri.

    Flavours in the box: mint, cardamom, cognac and blackcurrant

  • box of chocolate Porvoo

    Box of Chocolate Porvoo Collection


    Porvoo Collection is full of flavours from Porvoo. This vegan and gluten-free selection is a dream gift to a person with a demanding taste.
    Flavours in the box: Tar, Salt & Licorice

  • box of chocolate joulu

    Box of chocolate Joulu


    A box full of handmade seasonal flavors is a delicious gift.
    Vegan and gluten free.

    Flavours in the box: mulled wine, gingerbread, spruce and orange-clove

  • Traditionel truffle 12 pcs

    Tradional Truffle


    Traditional Truffle 12 pcs direct from our online store to your home!

    Appreciated gift

  • Lakupaketti

    Licorice Gift Bundle


    Licorice Gift Bundle for a one who loves licorice & salt licorice; salt licorice. A nice gift for a friend, and for yourself.

  • Maitosuklaa nibs

    Nibs milk chocolate

    Nibs milk chocolate

    This chocolate bar combines soft milk chocolate and bitterly fruity roasted cocoa beans.

  • Nibs 55% suklaalevy

    Nibs Dark Chocolate

    Nibs dark chocolate

    The combination of dark chocolate and roasted cocoa beans is a crunchy chocolate delicacy.

  • Lakritsi rocky road

    Rocky Road Licorice


    Rocky Road, a delicacy we all know. We made a bit harder Rocky road chocolate and added vegan oat licorice to a chocolate delicacy flavoured with roasted macadamia nuts and roasted cocoa beans.

  • Lakusuklaalantti

    Licorice and chocolate coin


    Dark chocolate with vegan and gluten-free oat licorice heart. Garnished with salt granules. Simple, beautiful, and delicious

  • Vaahtokarkki rocky road

    Rocky Road


    Rocky road, a delicacy we all know. We’ve brought extra twist to traditional rocky road chocolate with roasted macadamia nuts and roasted cocoa beans.

  • kuusi tummasuklaalevy

    Kuusi 60%

    Kuusi 60% with spruce needles

    Dark chocolate with spruce needles is made in stone mill in Porvoo.

    Vegan. Gluten free.


  • kuusi maitosuklaalevy

    Kuusi 45%


    Kuusi 45%

    Kuusi 45% is a milk chocolate milled in a stone grind  with Brazilian cocoa beans and spruce needles from Porvoo.


  • box of chocolates ryyppy

    box of chocolate Ryyppy


    Ryyppy is a box of handmade chocolate truffles. Made with love in our tiny factory in Porvoo

    Red wine

    Vegan. Gluten free.

  • lakritsi tummasuklaa

    Licorice 65%


    Licorice 65% bean-to-bar chocolate has been a big favorite since birth and in 2018 it was awarded silver medal in International Chocolate Awards competition.

    Ing.: ecological madagascar cocoa beans, ecological cane sugar, licorice root

  • savu maitosuklaa

    Smokey Brazil 45%

    Smokey Brazil 45%

    A different chocolate experience! Try it for yourself how smoked cocoa beans from Brazil are compatible with our lovely gentle flavored milk chocolate!

  • Tuotepaketti ja suklaalevyt

    Chocolate bundle Bean to bar


    Chocolate Bundle Bean to bar is a real chocolate friend’s pleasure! The package comes with internationally awarded chocolate bars made from cocoa beans: Madagascar 40% and Brazil 70%, as well as dark roasted chocolate coffee.

  • Tuotepaketti kaksi suklaalevyä ja suklaakahvi

    Chocolate Bundle


    Chocolate Bundle Chocolate bars is a real treat! Includes flavored chocolate bars: dark chocolate salt, milk chocolate strawberry and white chocolate strawberry, as well as dark roasted chocolate coffee. Product package is an easy choice, whether you are looking for a gift or a treat for yourself.

  • brazil dark chocolate

    Brazil 70%


    Brazil 70% is the award-winning dark chocolate of our bean to bar series. Wonderfully rich and earthy. A real dark pleasure with every bite!

  • madagascar dark chocolate

    Madagascar 60%


    Madagascar 60% is the middle dark, cheerfully nuanced and aromatic dairy-free chocolate of our bean to bar chocolate series. Every bite is delicious!

  • madagascar maitosuklaalevy

    Madagascar 40%


    Madagascar 40%, internationally awarded soft-tasting dark milk chocolate. This chocolate is made from trinitario cocoa beans in our small chocolate factory in Tarmola, Porvoo.


  • Suklaakahvi

    Chocolate coffee


    Chocolate coffee Chocolate coffee is dark and full-figured in flavor. Make this popular coffee in a coffee maker or in a presso coffee maker. Ground. Dark roast. Ingredients: Ground coffee, chocolate flavor

  • Tumma suklaa rouhe

    Chopped chocolate


    Chopped chocolate 55% Chopped chocolate 55% is perfect for hot, or cold chocolate drink, as well as for baking. Dark, full with flavor and dairy free. Ingredients: Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, soya lecithin

  • Mansikkasuklaa 35%

    Strawberry milk chocolate bar


    Strawberry milk chocolate bar Strawberry milk chocolate bar, dried strawberries with summer flavor and soft, sweet milk chocolate. Ingredients: Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, milk powder, dried strawberries, soya lecithin

  • Mansikkasuklaa 55 %

    Strawberry dark chocolate bar


    Strawberry dark chocolate bar Strawberry dark chocolate bar, dried strawberries with summer flavor and dark, mild bitter dark chocolate. Ingredients: Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, dried strawberries, soya lecithin

  • Maitosuklaa salmiakki

    Salt licorice milk chocolate bar


    Salt licorice milk chocolate bar Salt licorice milk chocolate bar, with black licorice and soft, balanced milk chocolate.

  • valkosuklaasalmiakki

    Salt licorice white chocolate bar


    Salt licorice white chocolate bar Salt licorice white chocolate bar with black salt licorice and sweet, soft white chocolate.

  • Maitosuklaa suola

    Seasalt milk chocolate bar


    Seasalt milk chocolate bar Seasalt milk chocolate bar with sharp seasalt and soft and sweet milk chocolate. Ingredients: Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, milk powder, salt, soya lecithin

  • Tummasuklaa suola

    Seasalt dark chocolate bar


    Seasalt dark chocolate Chocolate bar with sharp seasalt and fully flavored, mild bitter dark chocolate. Ingredients: Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, salt, soya lecithin

  • Suklaatee

    Chocolate tea


    Chocolate tea is a delicious combination of black leaf tea and roasted cocoa beans. No added sugar or milk.

  • Kaakaojauhe

    Cocoa powder


    Cocoa powder Dark cocoa powder with full and bold flavor. No sugar or milk powder. 100% cocoa powder.