The chocolate maker’s tools are slow hands, and a good mouth

– Peter westerlund –

SINCE 2005


“If no one comes, then I’ll go to work elsewhere during the week and keep the boutique open on the weekends.” This already legendary phrase was said by Peter Westerlund at the opening of the Little Chocolate Factory in 2005. The opening was celebrated with friends on Friday night, and on Saturday morning, June 11th at 10 a.m. the doors were opened to the public. Customers queued to our tiny boutique along the streets of old Porvoo. At one o’clock the chocolate factory closed its doors that day, all the chocolate had been sold. Fresh, handmade chocolates and truffles, flavoured chocolates, chocolate cakes and biscuits captivated customers. Peter Westerlund had unconsciously created something that led to the emergence of chocolate craft workshops all over Finland.

For twelve years, the Little Chocolate Factory Porvoo was one of the attractions in old Porvoo. Yes, we became quite humble when a customer said that he had come to Finland from Austria only because of our little chocolate factory. A word about the little factory spread around, and those years really are full of small and big stories…

The Little Chocolate Factory Porvoo was born out of chef Peter Westerlund’s passion for chocolate. He wanted to offer his customers chocolate that is made by him from pure and the best raw materials. With this same recipe, the Little Chocolate Factory Porvoo still operates in Tarmola, Porvoo. Through the glass, you can see how our chocolate is made. There is also a small and cosy factory store to buy chocolate or enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.

Tempering of chocolate


The Little Chocolate Factory Porvoo celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015, and the first bean-to-bar chocolate bars were launched in the same year. In 2017, Madagascar 40% Milk Chocolate was ranked the third best milk chocolate in Europe in the International Chocolate Awards competition. Amazing performance from a small craft workshop. Porvoo got its own award-winning chocolate maker.

Over the years, there has been more success in international competitions. In 2019, we were in tough company in a competition that awarded the best chocolates in the world:

In The Academy of Chocolate competition participated over 1,500 chocolate bars, 46 countries and the Little Chocolate Factory Porvoo received 3 bronze medals and one honorable mention:

Silver Madagascar 40%
Bronze Licorice 65%
Bronze Brazil 70%
Honorable mention Smokey Brazil 45%

Mette and Peter Westerlund

Competitions like these for chocolate makers give a small business confirmation that they are going to the right direction. There are always much bigger companies participating in the competitions, so the prize for a small business is a victory for all the small craft work-shops.


Pieni Suklaatehdas Porvoo muutti uusiin tiloihin Porvoon Tarmolaan tammikuussa 2020, 15-vuotisjuhlavuoden alkajaisiksi. Tehtaan yhteydessä sijaitsee pieni ja kotoisa tehtaanmyymälämme, jossa voi ostosten lomassa nauttia vaikkapa kupillisen suklaacappuccinoa. Tehtaanmyymälästä löydät myös herkulliset sesonkituotteet. Kesäisin valmistamme jäätelöä. Jäätelömme on vegaaninen ja gluteeniton. Makuvalikoima vaihtelee pitkin kesää. Tervetuloa herkkujen ääreen!

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